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At natural orange we believe mother nature knows best

Nature provides us with plenty of powerful cleaning ingredients.
Our commitment and passion is to provide you with eco-responsible products that perform even better than the leading brands and offer you healthier and more natural options for the cleaning and
well-being of your family, home and the environment.
Our philosophy is that sparkly dishes, clean clothes and healthy homes shouldn’t have side effects. Natural Orange creates effective, non-toxic laundry and home care solutions that are gentle on your family, home and our planet.

Natural Ingredients

We only use the best and most natural ingredients. In our products you will find natural orange & essential oils ( we don't use any fragrances in our products).

No harsh chemicals

Unlike many commercial brands we stay away from carcinogenic chemicals, allergens and irritants.

For everyone

Our different sizing options allow you to purchase products specifically for your needs. Natural Orange can be used for sensitive skin. We support the Health & Hospitality Industries with big size containers to be able to decant and recycle ( or reuse) the containers.

people talk

Hold on! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. 

Instead, here are some people that will do the hard work for us.

My husband has been suffering from eczema on his legs and back for years. Sometimes it became infected due to his scratching. I tried numerous washing powders and softeners without any significant improvements. Then you introduced us to Natural Orange Laundry Soap, well we are now converted. His skin is cleared completely. While away in December, I did one wash with powder from the local shop and the eczema was back. At home I washed with Natural Orange and the skin was clear again. Many thanks for introducing us to this wonderful product, plus I can water my garden with the water from the machine.

Olwyn mcconnell
Thankful Customer

I did all my Silverware and Silver Jewellery with Natural Orange All Purpose Gel and water. No fuss, no elbow grease and only takes a few minutes. All I did was dip a tiny bit of the gel onto a wet sponge, wipe the silver, then place it in a basin with lukewarm water, dry and shine it with a soft cloth. No more purchasing of silver dip for me. I have done all my silverware and am very happy. I have noticed as well that it did not tarnish as quickly.

Carol-Ann Barton
Happy Customer