I have been a Nurse in Hospitals for over 25 years , after being in contact with Disinfectants & Harsh Chemicals in Hospitals I have become very sensitive to Industrial & Chemical Cleaning Products. A couple of years ago being tired of having Big Problems with skin rashes & swollen glands I started doing research & found Natural Orange Eco Cleaning Products. I started using the Bio Laundry Soap ( that is Hypoallergenic ) as well as the Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Gel ( I buy these 2 products in 20 liters containers ) and my Life & Health has come back to normal. I am so Happy that I did the transition to the Eco Friendly Cleaning Products of Natural Orange. Thanks Natural Orange for improving my life so much.
Thankful Customer.
I have been in the Health Industry since 1990 ( I owned one of the first Health Shops in South Africa called The Health Yard in Menlyn Park Shopping Centre for over 22 years). During all these years interacting with clients & patiences of all kinds I realised how many of them had problems with allergies & sinus due to chemical products used at their homes , offices & washing their clothes and realised the importance of using Eco Friendly Cleaning Products. When many of my clients changed to Natural Orange products I saw a Big Improvement in there quality of life.
Health Shop Owner.
After trying several cleaning products, my natural stone kitchen table finally was able to look like new again when I used Natural Orange Miracle All purpose Cleaning Gel. The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Gel of Natural Orange came out tops after trying many products in the market
Happy Client From Europe.
I clean everything in my House with Natural Orange Eco Friendly Cleaning Products. Some of my favourite things I like to clean & see the amazing results are: My Prescription Glasses, The wood surfaces of my lounge ( leaves the surface without static) , My Mom's old wooden sewing machine made in 1914, The bathroom & shower ( it disintegrates the unwanted fungus) , The kitchen sink & oven ( it dissolves the fats & oils left after cooking greasy food. Thanks Natural Orange for the Best Eco Friendly Products in the Market.
I Love Natural Orange Products
I have been using this laundry soap since last year and have never gone back to normal store-bought powder laundry soap. I only need 5ml per wash and I don't use a softener with it as it is not necessary. A 1kg tub lasts me much longer than the promised 25 loads per kg. I will never use something else!
The Best Product In The Market.
This is the best natural dishwashing liquid that I have used (and this is the 4th brand I have tried). Will never go back to any other brand. Finally a natural dishwashing liquid that removes all greasiness and oil off dishes.Simply Amazing & smells great , also used it in Dishwashing machine and works better than anything. Leaves no taste or smell on the dishes. So happy with this product!!!!
The Best Product In The Market.
Natural Orange House Hold Insect Repellent. I try never to be without this unique product. When the bottle is getting low - hubby makes a point of telling me to order more. I use it mostly for Flies & Mosquitoes. After cleaning I wipe it over the surfaces and it keeps them away. I also use it on our outside table and chairs to keep the Flies away and it really works.
No More Flies.
Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Gel. I have tried a few different cleaners but this one is the best. Cleans well and smells fantastic. Awesome product Natural Orange.
Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Gel.